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Belair 3000® – What makes it unique: 


It makes odour-free.

Belair 3000® employs innovative technology to bring clean air into toilet rooms. Unpleasant gases and odours are directly captured at the source by the ventilation system contained in the innovative toilet seat and absorbed by the integrated activated carbon filter.

The result: completely odour-free air.


It is natural.

Belair 3000® makes use of the natural properties of activated carbon. The air is actually cleaned and not simply flooded with chemical fragrances. The unhealthy and environmentally harmful chemicals found in conventional toilet hygiene products are no longer necessary.


It is energy-saving.

Belair 3000® improves the energy balance of private households, restaurants, hotels and companies: Energy- and cost-intensive interior ventilation systems become superfluous. Compared to window ventilation, the energy costs that otherwise result from the loss of heat are eliminated.

Belair – and the air is clean.