Lower your electricity and heating costs with Belair 3000®

Interior ventilation systems in toilets need a lot of electricity and eliminate a big part of the heating energy in private households or business buildings. By window ventilation the loss of heating energy is substantial too.

The ventilators of toilet ventilations systems have an energy demand of 60 - 100 watt, about the consumption of a strong electric bulb. The ventilators of Belair on the contrary have a current consumption of only 3 watt and they finish the duty without affecting the room before.

The conventional ventilation of toilets (by electrical or window ventilation) causes in the cold season a loss of heated air. The new air from outside must be heated again.

Example: An all-season opened hopper window costs additionally about 200 litres of heating oil (source: Swiss Federal Office for energy). Heating energy, you could be saving!