Belair removes odours in toilet rooms, efficiently and simple. 

Belair 3000 is installed like a conventional toilet seat and is immediately ready for use. There is no technical expertise required and therefore no additional costs will arise.

The sensor mounted on the underside activates the ventilation function when the user sits down on the seat. The device runs on after use for 30 seconds and then switches off by itself.

After the installation of Belair 3000 a new comfort arises. Room frangrance sprays or toilet hygiene products become superfluous. The toilet room is odour-free because Belair 3000 captures and absorbes unpleasant gases directly. Energy-saving and ecofriendly.

Belair 3000 can be used on all conventional toilet bowls. Exceptions are rectangular bowls or other exceptional shapes.

The functional and convincing design of Belair 3000 upholds the highest standard of technological innovation.

Belair 3000 is SWISS MADE.

Measures: L: 470 x B: 380 x H: 60 mm

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